Welcome to the Aspen Neurofeedback Blog!

August 17, 2021


Welcome to the Aspen Neurofeedback Blog!

Aspen Neurofeedback hasn’t had a blog for a number of years, and as it’s current Director I am incredibly excited for us to begin this journey again. This blog is going to be a place where we explore all things neuroscience, why those things matter, how they impact on our lives, and what we can all do to incorporate daily practices to improve our functionality and joy. This will be a place of exploration, free thinking, and personal experimentation on my part… which I will then share with you in great detail.

Note: I’ve grown to love experimenting on myself, and am more than happy to do it on your behalf.

So, here’s the format: once a week I will post a blog here about something related to neuroscience, mental health, peak performance, etc.. The topics will range from sleep, to meditation, to brain stimulation, and everything beyond and in between. The goal for this blog is to bring things into discussion that might help improve our lives, increase our joy and functionality, and empower us to be better parents, spouses, siblings, and friends.

Like other professionals in this arena there are a few states of consciousness that I am obsessed with: sleep, calm focus, rest, and exertion. A lot of my time is spent researching, learning, and meditating on how to better help individuals to achieve these states, as they seem to be the spring board for peak performance across many arenas. I say this only to prepare you that these are topics we will constantly be circling around and coming back to for deeper understanding and practice.

I couldn’t be happier for us to be creating, exploring, and learning together in this new space. I’m signing off for now, but ill be back next week with our first topic. In the mean time, stay hydrated, go to bed early, and make sure to carve out a few moments for gratitude.


John VanDeGrift
Director of Neurotherapy
Aspen Neurofeedback

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