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Our brain is connected to our entire body. It’s the motherboard to the wiring throughout our body. It’s the command center to our impulses, actions, senses, emotions, and overall life. As science continues to learn more about the human brain and its connectivity to our body and environment, we continue to break ground in new practices to access parts of your mind.

Neurotherapy is an umbrella term that refers to different forms of applied neuroscience. Here at Aspen Neurofeedback, we find that often the most effective and fast-acting form of Neurotherapy comes from combining Simulation, PEMF (Pulsing Electromagnetic Field), and good ol’ fashioned Neurofeedback. Although every tool we use is effective in its own right, these tools are chosen based on our assessment of what would be most helpful for the individual. We may suggest different tools for you than someone else.

The practice of Neurotherapy is to map out your brainwave activity using computer-based technology. If you suffer from brain disorders such as ADHD, depression, migraines, or even epilepsy, Neurotherapy could be the solution.


The whole process of Neurotherapy begins with taking a reading of the electrical activity across your entire brain. This is referred to as an Electroencephalograph (or EEG). After carefully looking through this raw data of the EEG, we then take the most important parts and use those to create a quantitative “map” known as qEEG. The qEEG will clearly show which imbalances are causing disfunction in your day-to-day life.

Rather than just asking you questions about your health and mindset, we are mapping out your brainwaves to create a plan you can embrace. This is a trackable form of therapy where we can show true results.

Data from the map, as it correlates to your purpose for Neurotherapy, will be the diagram we use to pick and choose the tools that will assist you. We’ll educate you, talk with you, and work with you to improve your mind and life. You can reach the person you want to become, all you need are the right tools and the best team.


Although Talk Therapy takes much longer to change the brain (years rather than weeks), we find it is essential to the process when trying to enact long-lasting change. Talk Therapy can be a key tool in the fast-paced treatment of Neurotherapy. When changes in the brain facilitated by Stimulation, PEMF, or neurofeedback are combined with Talk Therapy, we have created a best-case scenario for understanding what needs to change. It is by far our most effective plan for the individuals we work with.

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